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Boujis Boutique Resort Koh Samui redefines the luxury and relaxation travel experience in many ways, from its elegant villas and yoga shala to its breathtaking grounds. Just as resplendent is the property’s wellness scene. Only at the resort can guests partake in delightful morning Vikasa yoga classes while enjoying splendid views of Chaweng Bay.

The water views alone will establish a sense of immediate calm. Even the path to the yoga studio is like something out of a fairytale. Shaded by deep green, leafy trees, it’s quiet and simple, yet so commanding in its design. As the studio inches ever nearer, the glimmer of the ocean just beyond becomes apparent—and before you know it, it’s mere feet away. There’s a reason people buzz about this particular studio-villa. Its proximity to the water is simply astounding, and if students were any closer to the water, they would get soaked!

Of course, there’s even more to appreciate about these inviting yoga classes than the admittedly fantastic views. It begins at nine in the morning, and is held from Monday through Friday. For an hour, attendees enjoy peaceful, guided instruction under the watchful eye of our highly skilled Brazilian instructor. Her expertise comes courtesy of Dr. Ravi Ratan, the renowned Indian master based in Kerala. Our instructor is also multilingual, and can converse fluently in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Yoga students of all levels will benefit, whether they are complete beginners or longtime aficionados. Attendees can even request mindfulness and breathing exercises to enhance their time in the studio and leave feeling even more refreshed and satiated. For 450 Thai Baht, this is a nearly priceless experience that visitors will never forget.

It’s also right in line with the relaxed, practically hypnotic state of mind that defines the Koh Samui wellness landscape. Taking a serene, holistic approach to well being, practitioners focus on yoga as an art form that is designed to harmonize the mind, the body, and the spirit. By balancing these inner elements, guests venture on a path to internal peace and discover their own personal road to self-awareness.

At the core of it all is simplicity and gentle service. Guests of the boutique resort experience it from the moment they arrive and check into our beautiful seafront villas. The eco-friendly property encourages a lifestyle equivalent to a breath of fresh air. In fact, that’s exactly what guests do: relax on the verandah, take in the breeze, and listen to the waves as they crash along the shoreline. Take a dip in the pool after yoga for a little refreshment, or simply wander the property and marvel at the colorful Birds of Paradise and frangipani trees that give the gardens such a refreshing, tropical appeal.

It’s a recipe for instant tranquility, and it’s elevated by the stunning grounds and surroundings. Breathe in the aromatic greenery, feel the cool water brush against your feet, and immerse yourself in a routine that is worlds away from home. Even dining is an otherworldly experience at this special vacation spot. In fact, the offerings are right in line with the health-conscious mindset that any yogi will appreciate. Why not complement the low-key fitness routine with some fresh seafood or authentic Italian cuisine? Enjoy the sensation of feeling lighter on your feet as your body acquaints itself with the healing practice of yoga.

That’s the beauty of wellness and yoga at Boujis Boutique Resort—it’s extraordinary, yet welcoming to everyone with an interest in enjoying a taste of the best in life. Luxury and nature take center stage here, and it’s the ultimate example of a laid-back getaway that improves both your physical health and your emotional state. There’s no better way to enjoy the area and indulge in everything that Koh Samui has to offer its visitors. Be sure to check out our special offers!

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